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Our New Pup April 6, 2007

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Meet our newest family member, Rosie. She’s a Jack Russell/Beagle mix.


Rosie 2



Me memed? But Who Is Gonna Read This? September 19, 2006

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Me, memed? Egad! I’ve never been! Oh well, since Billy is a good friend and I know he wouldn’t want to hurt me, I’ll give it a try. Let me preface though by saying I read a lot of blogs, but I haven’t cemented many friendships in the blogosphere by commenting or making my presence known, so I don’t know who would want to read about me. Okay, here goes:

1: Do you like the look and the contents of your blog?

At the moment, yes, I like the look. Although I tend to be restless and make changes frequently, not just in my blog, but my computer wallpaper is constantly changing from plain colors to patterns to photographs to artwork, as are the color themes for my OS and applications, etc., etc. The content of my blog is okay–I try to vary it from my writing to other areas of more general interest like recipes and TV commentary. Sometimes I wonder if I should be more theme-related and stick to one topic; but once again, I’m so restless I doubt I would be happy confined to a single theme.

2: Does your family know about your blog?
My family knows about my blog, but to tell you the truth, they don’t seem interested in it–at least they never say a peep about it. ;)

3: Can you tell your friends about your blog? Do you consider it a private thing?
No, it’s hardly private, but once again, they don’t say much either; so I’m thinking maybe I’ll start a gossip section where I tell all the secrets they confided to me over the years to the world. Then I’ll hear from them…heh, heh. Errr…or maybe I’ll hear from their lawyers.

4: Do you just read the blogs of those who comment on your blog? or you try to discover new blogs?
I’m always looking for new blogs. Everyday, I try to read a couple new ones.  I look for them in the aggregates where I’m listed, in wordpress where I have my blog, and in the writing blogs where I frequent. I’ve found some good ones that way.  I like to know the neighborhood where I “live.”

5: Did your blog positively affect your mind? Give an example.
I’m not sure it positively affects my mind. In fact, it probably takes my mind away from more productive places I should be instead. I find myself wanting to post instead of hunkering down to more demanding projects. The need to make a daily blog appearance shoves anything else aside. Not a good thing.

6: What does the number of visitors to your blog mean? Do you use a traffic counter?
I’d like to say I’m not a traffic counter, but hey! I have at least two different counters running on the darn thing. I get worn out checking them all the time. And yet, I don’t have the time to develop the blog to draw more readers. So I’m torturing myself, I suppose. ;)

7: Did you imagine how other bloggers look like?

I do! And I make them look pretty good in my mind’s eye. They’d be smart to never post a photo and ruin the good looks I’ve already given them.

8: Do you think blogging has any real benefit?
Well, at least I write most days whereas without it, I might cop out. But more importantly, blogging makes me reach out everyday and touch the world. I’m self-employed, working at home. And I live in a secluded area, so I don’t see a lot of people on a daily basis. The blogosphere provides a sense of community. Gawd, that makes me sounds like a reclusive sicko! You don’t think I am, do you?

9: Do you think that the Blogsphere is a stand alone community separated from the real world?
No, I think the blogosphere is painfully aware of the real world; but it is a temporary escape from it. We drag it in with us and talk about it in a safe environment and then head back out. A pit stop, if you will.

10: Do some political blogs scare you? Do you avoid them? No, annoy me, maybe. Send me screaming into the night, sure! ;)

11: Do you think that criticizing your blog is useful?
I suppose it is, but I don’t want you to. I won’t be able to listen and get your point anyway, because I’ll be so upset. ;)

12: Have you ever thought about what happen to your blog in case you died?
Probably nothing. I mean, I already told you my family and friends wouldn’t do anything with it. LOL. I’m not thinking what I say is so memorable, history will want to record it and make a big deal over my words and impressions. My blog would gag and spit, then die of neglect, a spark of magnetic resonance floating in cyberspace untouched for as long as magnetism lasts.

13: Which blogger had the greatest impression on you?
I have to say Billy has impressed me with his energy and ideas, and of course, his writing. He rarely disappoints.

14: Which blogger you think is the most similar to you?

I’m hoping no one. I mean, I’d like to think I’m original. But I’m not really.

15: Name a song you want to listen to.
I’ve got to be honest. I’m culturally challenged, having long since quit listening to pop music. I guess I’m always willing to listen to anything by the Beatles or the Rolling Stones because they transcend generations and they’re good, dammit.

16: Ask five bloggers to answer these question on their blogs.
Oh geez! Like I said, I don’t communicate with many bloggers. I honestly don’t have five I can think of who would do this. You do believe me, don’t you? Huh, huh? You do believe me, right?

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If It’s Raining June 7, 2006

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If it's raining, it must be June and Three Rivers Arts Festival time. Isn't that what we always say here in the Burgh? Well, we say it because it's true! I know. My hubby Ron and I displayed and sold our Pittsburgh photographs in the Artists Market for over 20 years consecutively. And true, I can't think of any Festival when it didn't rain…well, not just rain, but it always stormed–thunderous tornadoes, horrific, watch-out-for-that-flying-framed limited-edition-print storms. Oh wait! There was one year when it didn't rain–that was the year of the big drought. I believe it was 1998. Point State Park was a vast field of yellow hay instead of plush green grass.

The drought also offered up hot, hot temperatures. I remember being seated next to a stone pillar, that combined with concrete buildings and sidewalks made for the most comprehensive reflecting heat screen ever. I sat painfully still to stay as cool as possible. Even lifting a finger made me hotter. No need to move though, since our customers were wisely at home during the heat wave and didn't need us. We stayed in our booths, however, being the professionals we are. If they say there's going to be a Festival, then we're there, no matter what. It's the right thing to do. We're professionals.

But wait! There was one year hotter than that! A big ball of hot air rolled in at Festival time one year, orchestrated by the most humid conditions ever. Temperatures soared to 102+ every day. Factor in the humidity and you've really got something straight out of Miami. I remember we brought in spray bottles of water to spritz ourselves for regular cool-downs. And don't tell anyone, but a few of us went to the Hilton fountain and stood in front of its cooling spray. I remember giggling like a kid when the icy droplets hit me–reminiscent of that shock when you first jump into a swimming pool of frigid water on a hot day. So much for the big, fancy formal hotel! Squealing ragamuffins out front playing in the fountain tend to chase away the glamour.

Speaking of giggling like a kid, do you have any idea how insane you can become living in a 10 x 10 ft. booth, in the middle of a busy downtown area for 11 days? I developed a new empathy for the homeless while hovering under our canopied, concrete home, a constant emptiness in my stomach that craved a warm comfortable meal while dreaming of upholstered furniture and TV. Yes, TV! Something else to think about besides hordes of gawking people. TV! Plots, drama, comedy! TV had it all.

What can I say? It takes a toll on the body and the mind. The sensory deprivation of booth-sitting is numbing. How long can you sit watching people walk past like a never-ending movie (Did you ever see Groundhog Day?..But I digress…) hour after hour, day after day before they all turn to gray-scale and you turn numb.

And hungry! Warm comfort food is all you can think of while you force down hot dogs, gyros and all those other carnival delicacies…for 11 days–that's lunch and dinner, lunch and dinner–hot dogs, gyros…need I say more about how wonderful pot roast and mashed potatoes with gravy would seem.

Okay, I've said a lot about the misery of doing an extra long outdoor festival, but there is a perk that keeps artists coming back. The people. Because the people are the ones who see your work and, in spite of themselves, smile in delight. They tell you your work is wonderful; and most importantly, they submit their approval with their hard-earned bucks by buying your product. The smiles, the words, and money…it doesn't get much better than that…and all those bucks buy a lot of pot roast for the family.

So support your local artists and go to the Festival. You can help hold down their booths when the big winds and rain come, compliment them, and maybe buy a little something–to make both you and them smile.

Ron and Jo haven't done the Festival in recent years due to other commitments.

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About JO May 24, 2006

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JO & Peepers

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JO JANOSKI resides in Pittsburgh, PA, USA with her husband, Ron, and their pet smooth fox terrier, Peepers. She and her husband are photographers who specialize in Pittsburgh cityscapes. She has also exhibited her line of nature photos along with Pittsburgh photos for over 20 years at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA in both the Juried Exhibition and Artists Market. Jo has recently developed an interest in the written word, after having been a secretary and later a photographer. She has won several online contests and has been published on various sites.


Hello April 21, 2005

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May I start by introducing myself? I am Jo Janoski from Pittsburgh, PA. I work in a family business, taking photographs of the Pittsburgh skyline to sell to galleries and stores. We have sold our photos in the area for almost 30 years now, so if you're from "da Burgh," you've probably seen our work.
I also write by moonlight, meaning after the photography work is done for the day. From morning until evening, I am "glued" to a mat cutter or dry mounting press. But at night I and my computer get together and write. I write poetry, but mostly, I enjoy writing fiction. I have three small books published and another on the way. Pittsburghers will be interested to know the stories take place in Pittsburgh, as seems fit, considering my relationship to this town. My husband, Ron, and I have been married 33 years, no kids, but at the moment we have a fun-loving smooth fox terrier named Peepers. Anyone familiar with this breed will confirm what merry, friendly dogs they are. This blog will be whatever I feel like talking about, be it cultural, political, inspirational, humorous, or hysterical. LOL. Hang on to your seat belts; this could be a bumpy ride.