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The Storyteller’s Muse – New Chapter April 23, 2007

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JO’s Journal –

The Storyteller’s Muse

Chapter 16

For a moment, it all came tumbling in on her… trying to clear her
name, riding with a ghost in the car, fighting off the police and a
jealous housewife. What was happening? Life had been so simple once.
Each day was an exercise in order and thoughtfulness, starting with the
coffee shop, then home to write, stopping only for meals and errands,
ending before midnight as she tapped out the last words for the day.

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One Response to “The Storyteller’s Muse – New Chapter”

  1. Bob Says:

    She heard David’s voice then suddenly Margot is on the line… hmmmm… I don’t recognize ‘Smithton’, I assume it’s another town? My imagination is taking over now. Nice…

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