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This One’s For You! March 29, 2007

Filed under: Miscellaneous — jojanoski @ 5:45 pm

And you know who you are!



8 Responses to “This One’s For You!”

  1. Bob Church Says:

    Okay, okay… you don’t have to be so touchy, I’m sure the rumors I heard were overblown.

    I must say, though, you ladies definitely pretty up a park bench! Had I heretofore realized your feminine pulchritude I assure you I’d have… I’d have… well, I’d have done something! *SNORT*

    BTW- I enjoyed my voicemail. Ha!

  2. jojanoski Says:

    All right! I almost fell for that…when to looking up “pulchritude” and all…I blushed, and then I thought, “Heeeey, he’s trying to muddy the water. Take our minds away from the fact that he lost the bet.” You scoundrel!

  3. Karen Says:

    No snorting and no squelching on the bet, Bob…we’ll take the cash (no checks, please!)…

    Jo, you are a lovely woman and I’m so glad we finally met – you made the trip to Pittsburgh worthwhile!


  4. Bob Church Says:

    Okay, you’ll get your blood money, but you two have to promise that you’ll spend it on marguaritas, strawberry daiquiris, long island iced teas, pina coladas, Singapore slings, Malibu Sparklers, Bahama Mamas, Cuba Libres, Horny Goats and Bacardi Cocktails… it’d kill me to think that you spent it on something foolish.

  5. jojanoski Says:

    Ahem, that’s quite a vocabulary [read ‘realm of experience’] you have there, Bob!

  6. Bob Says:

    Well, *blush* there i>are a couple of things I’m good at. I don’t like to brag, but I’ve probably been thrown out of more bars than you’ve ever been in. I’m nothing if not ‘experienced’. Few of us can claim to have come within a hair’s breadth of getting his company kicked out of a Moslem country (Libya) for stowing Coors (160 cases) inside the bore of the piping of pivotal irrigators being brought into the country in the hold of a KC-130 aircraft. Those people are so touchy!

  7. Only 160 cases, no wonder they wanted to throw you out. Why didn’t you get enough to share with everybody?

  8. jojanoski Says:

    Billy and Bob,
    You guys are pretty serious about your Coors. !!!

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