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Sunflower Fields March 14, 2007

Filed under: Poetry — jojanoski @ 2:09 pm

Sunflower Fields


From tiny seeds for planting
Little voices soon to scream
With rugged green stalks touching
Sunflower faces beam.


Sunflower fields are chattering
in the middle of the day
while the sun is shining
and the flowers have their way.


Heads turned to face each other
petals waving greetings yellow
A warm sunflower convention
Once a year to say hello.

Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


7 Responses to “Sunflower Fields”

  1. lovely. very nice. i like this.

  2. This poem reminded of me of garden that was near my house when I was a little boy. The man grew sunflowers every year.

  3. yeah I think sometimes it’s very benificial to hark back…get in touch with one’s inner child. It’s a cliche to say that, i know, but there’s truth in it – one is in danger of getting bitter and twisted with age. :)

  4. ozy Says:

    those yelllow haloed faces of black
    ever facing the sun
    dancing to wind
    forth and back
    until the day is done

  5. jojanoski Says:

    Peter…so true! My inner child and I are very good friends. lol

  6. jojanoski Says:

    You’re on a roll! I love your poem here!

  7. jojanoski Says:

    I would love to have seen that garden!

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