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Flame Torch Used in Daylight Bank Heist March 7, 2007

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Gonzalez said that in his more than 15 years at the FBI in Anchorage he could not recall a robber using a torch as a weapon. | crime : Flaming torch used in daylight bank heist

Jeepers! If he could remember a torch-wielding bank robber… !!!


2 Responses to “Flame Torch Used in Daylight Bank Heist”

  1. Bob Church Says:

    “Lady, if you don’t want a nasty 3rd-degree burn on your forearm, you’d better open that cash drawer…”?

    I’ve long suspected that perhaps people lived in Alaska for reasons my puny little brain couldn’t possibly understand, but in the long list of information that confounds me, the demand stated above doesn’t even come close to rising to the top. I’m sure that if she were to refuse, the bandit would, no doubt, threaten to do himself bodily harm by self-immolation. By comparison, I feel absolutely brilliant.

  2. ozymandiaz Says:

    Does he understand that when he returns to the middl eages that the money won’t be of any use yet?

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