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Ireland’s Heart March 6, 2007

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An Ae freslighe (ay fresh lee), an Irish poem form, about...IRELAND





Wonders, laughter unrestrained
taking flight on sea breezes
chased by sorrow unrefrained,
her heart forever teases.


Laughter with pain artfully
played by flute music sadness
stabbing notes felt heartfully
despite melodic madness.


Ireland's heart cries, beckoning
for me, lost one who wanders,
demanding my reckoning
with my sweet land of wonders.


Copyright 2007 JO Janoski




6 Responses to “Ireland’s Heart”

  1. Scotti Says:

    This is beautiful!

  2. Bob Church Says:

    I concur with Scotti, it is beautiful. I’m ignorant of the form, is it limited to three 4-line stanzas with 7 beats per line? Nice job…

  3. jojanoski Says:

    Thanks. Bob, it is a complicated form, especially with two- and three-syllable rhymes:

    Ae freslighe: (ay fresh lee):

    Each stanza is a quatrain of seven syllables. Lines one and three rhyme with a triple (three syllable) rhyme and two and four use a double (two syllable) rhyme. As was stated earlier. the poem should end with the first syllable word or the complete line that it began with.

    x x x x (x x a)
    x x x x x (x b)
    x x x x (x x a)
    x x x x x (x b)

  4. Bob Church Says:

    Uhhh… okay. You had me at ‘hello’. :P)

  5. Sara Says:

    Stopping in from the blog carnival. Your poem is lovely. It is filled with such longing, it makes me want to see Ireland.

  6. Beaman Says:

    I like this poem. It captures what usually comes to mind when I think of Ireland. A lovely land and poem.

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