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A Man’s Man February 27, 2007

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A Man’s Man

His mind, solid matter
filled up with sound ideals.
His heart, pumping courage
flaming power that he yields.


His sword sharpened by truth
Wisdom shines from his eye.
His heart knows how to fight.
Man’s soul knows when to cry.


His aim is gold without,
inside he reaches high.
His limbs ache fierce from pain,
but he knows not compromise.


He has no hesitation.
To goodness he’ll be true.
There’ll be no painting gray
into fearful misconstrues.


Good is good. Truth is truth
to this man of solid ways.
He’ll not be mediocre,
trustworthy for all his days.


Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


5 Responses to “A Man’s Man”

  1. ozymandiaz Says:

    A Woman’s Man

    With a pimple on her face
    The size of a dime
    He’ll tell a little lie
    Every single time

  2. jojanoski Says:

    He’d sure better!

  3. When reading this I thought about our Founding Fathers.

  4. Brian Says:

    Stopping by from the Carnival. This sounds like a personal tribute to someone that is close to you. Very well done.

  5. Sara Says:

    I enjoyed reading this and imagining the hero the poem describes.

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