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Magical, Mystical, or Mad February 4, 2007

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Welcome to the 26th Ringing of the Bards, a weekly poetry carnival … the theme is Magical, Mystical or Mad. Many thanks to our poets from all over the world. Each link will take you to another fine poem. Please read and let these enduring writers bring light to your day.

Magical, Mystical, or Mad

The walking lost, wayfarers searching
Knocking from Inside.
Poets all, listening, lurking
wondering, “What Kind of Fool am I ?”

Looking for magic under wraps of night
Will The Moon Man save the day
with starlit Tricks to release the light
illuminating the poets’ way?

Earthly Spinning Globe giving life,
is faith wiser than waking ?
Magical poets, mystical mad strife,
making it musical, while still quaking.

If you would like to participate in a future Ringing, go here for information. It’s fun!


4 Responses to “Magical, Mystical, or Mad”

  1. kgt Says:

    Very Nice. Thanks for hosting Jo!

  2. Bob Says:

    Interesting format, Jo, and nice eclectic blend of work. Cudos!

  3. This was a wonderful theme. All the poems were great. Just wished more had contributed.

  4. Pearl Says:

    Thanks for organizing the round Jo.

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