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Titanic Easy Access (Convention Center) February 28, 2007

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Titanic Easy Access (Convention Center)
Just kidding. I hope everyone will go to the upcoming Home & Garden Show
and support the exhibitors there. It’s a Burgh thing.


Convention Center
Drop-down easy-access ramps
From one floor to next
Brought to you by Titanic
Speedy Breakthrough Industries.


Quick delivery
While our bolts get the shivers
Sending you flying
To your destination zone
With bells on and some fractures


We are Titanic
Speedy Convention Center
Ride our ramps for thrills
And spills to be remembered
But hey, we get you there quick!


A Man’s Man February 27, 2007

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A Man’s Man

His mind, solid matter
filled up with sound ideals.
His heart, pumping courage
flaming power that he yields.


His sword sharpened by truth
Wisdom shines from his eye.
His heart knows how to fight.
Man’s soul knows when to cry.


His aim is gold without,
inside he reaches high.
His limbs ache fierce from pain,
but he knows not compromise.


He has no hesitation.
To goodness he’ll be true.
There’ll be no painting gray
into fearful misconstrues.


Good is good. Truth is truth
to this man of solid ways.
He’ll not be mediocre,
trustworthy for all his days.


Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


Okay, I’m speechless! February 26, 2007

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My Yahoo!  

Are those replicas of the Capitol building on her chest? Okay, in a weird way that  makes sense…


Opening the Gate February 20, 2007

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A Workshop Assignment
A huitain–8 lines, 8 syllables per line
Rhyme Scheme ababbcbc

Opening the Gate


Smiling frozen, glaring glass eyes
your face is winter running late.
Silent isolation, good-byes,
my yearning for kisses must wait
for you to remember how fate
prevails when love breaks tender hearts,
opening rigid white dream gates,
setting words free with love-fresh starts.


Photo and Poem
Copyright 2007 JO Janoski





Robot Cars by 2030 February 18, 2007

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BREITBART.COM – Robot-driven cars on roads by 2030: scientist

Will we all be back-seat drivers?


Elephant Polo? February 17, 2007

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Polo on Yahoo! News Photos

Aside from being fascinated with this picture, I keep wondering what in the world “elephant polo” is.  Hmmm, I wonder if we could get that here. They could play in Heinz Field during the off season. Maybe one could be trained to replace The Bus on the Steelers.  Hey, just thinking!


The Storyteller – New Chapter Posted February 15, 2007

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I  just posted a new chapter of my online novel, The Storyteller, Chapter 12. Don’t miss this exciting ghost story!