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Rainy Day Blues January 23, 2007

Filed under: Poetry — jojanoski @ 9:26 am

I know–it’s snowing, not raining. This is just a poem for a workshop–a made-up form–too complicated to go into.

Rainy Day Blues

Raindrops trickle paths down my window pane
dripping, streaming, reminding me of tears
blurring my world, enclosing me in pain,
always coming back, constant through my years.

Sunshine is a dream ended long ago.
Raindrops trickle paths down my window pane
drumming beats to a song I used to know.
Chorus moans at happiness on the wane.

Sweet remembrances deadened in my brain,
my window fogs, muting colors of life.
Raindrops trickle paths down my window pane
closing me in, suffocating in strife.

Only inner warmth can dispel the gloom
in soft breaths blown against the glassy pane
in clean circles to see beyond this room.
Raindrops trickle paths down my window pane.

Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


5 Responses to “Rainy Day Blues”

  1. ozymandiaz Says:

    The form seems somewhat familiar, yet different in the line progression. (yea, that made sense) I guess it’s the repeated line but I can’t remember the name of the form.

  2. Bob Says:

    Recently, you seem to be fixating on weather as your prime focus. I hope this is not the result of a University of Phoenix on-line course in meteorology. Ha! Nice job, though…

  3. jojanoski Says:

    Ozy, You’re probably thinking of a triolet or something. Nope, this form was made up for a contest.

  4. jojanoski Says:

    Bob, LOL. Yep, that’s it. I’m going for a degree in weather prognostication.

  5. Its been raining here off and on the last two weeks. So I can relate to this great poem.

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