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Whitewash January 16, 2007

Filed under: Poetry — jojanoski @ 9:18 am

An alphabet poem about ice.


A splash of innocence, water on the curb
Before winter winds blow.
Chilly air legerdemain
Doling out a colder disposition
Edging sweet wetness with a hard grin
Fall season magic trick with a bite
Going about its business
Indecent assault
Juggernaut supreme
Killing everything green
Lacing all with ice
Made from trickling waters
Now smiling behind a face
Of nasty inclination
Powerfully endowed
Quintessential evil-doer
Rife with horrors
Transforming the countryside
Undoing life and beauty
Vanity unleashed
Wasting all
Xenophobe, transforming
Yesterday to
Zealous whitewash..

Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


4 Responses to “Whitewash”

  1. Bob Says:

    This is great, Jo… I really liked the ‘feel’ of it. I especially like “chilly air legerdemain” “Doling out a colder disposition” “Edging sweet wetness with a hard grin” Very nice… the whole piece has a certain thaumaturgistic effect.

    Writing poems to a conscripted format can be very difficult. Well done.

  2. ozymandiaz Says:

    Interesting form. Kinda comes across as if you don’t particularly like the snow…

  3. JO Says:

    LOL. Actually, Ozy, I love snow, but I find nature to be such a powerful force I can’t resist writing about it.

  4. This was beautiful. I feel the same way about the snow.

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