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By the Window January 9, 2007

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A workshop assignment to write a monorhyme, at least 20 lines, about winter.

By the Window


Creeping first, so you won’t know
Bolder winds about to blow
Leaves now scatter to and fro
While summer’s hues beg to go
Pushed aside by indigo
Painted skies ready to blow
Petulant clouds to and fro
Bulging promises of snow
At the ready, start the show
Tempting winter’s mist to flow
Frosting dull lands, so they glow
With first act magic ice show
Finished now, Jack Frost bows low
To applause before he goes
And curtain opens to snow
As next act brassy winds blow
Orchestrating time to go
Hide inside where embers glow
By the window, watch the show
Of shining sleet, dancing snow.


Poem and Photo

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski


3 Responses to “By the Window”

  1. You painted a lovely winter in this poem.

  2. ozymandiaz Says:

    You did a pretty damn good job there Jo. I like the beat.

  3. Soulless Says:

    Full of glee. An utter delight to read. ^_^ Makes me think of children forming a circle, holding hands, then starting a tune, and hopping-dancing to one direction and then the other. (Makes me want to join, too. *grin*)

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