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A goat? I gotta blog about this! January 3, 2007

Filed under: In The News — jojanoski @ 10:51 am

Police collar a goat:

Only in da Burgh!


3 Responses to “A goat? I gotta blog about this!”

  1. Bob Says:

    Did the animal answer to ‘Cowher’ when addressed, or is there another goat in town?

    Just kidding, but I wonder whether Bill will be back. When is enough enough? Like Shanahan in Denver, Cowher can probably coach the Steelers as long as he wants to, but judging from what he’s said, and the fact that he just bought a new home in North Carolina, I think the Steelers may have to go in a new direction. It will be interesting to see how this plays out…

  2. JO Says:

    You should see the media in town. Cowher is all they can talk about, like, “And 54 degrees tomorrow, while we all wonder whether Sunday was Bill Cowher’s last game with the Steelers.” That’s the weather man, but the Cowher line seems attached to every local story. I think he knows, but he isn’t telling, just wants to jerk around “the stinkin’media.” (His words)

  3. Bob Says:

    Well, it would seem that football coaches (especially high-profile college and pro coaches) tend to be prima donnas to some extent, and Cowher has always expressed his contempt for the media, but the fact that he has more tenure than any other NFL coach speaks volumes about his character. Through thick and thin he’s hung in there, but now that he’s got his ring and cemented his place in history, maybe his priorities are changing. Lord knows that coaching at his level requires more time and dedication than practically any other job, and he’s made plenty of money, so who could blame him if he cashes in his chips and drops out of sight for awhile? I envy him the luxury of being close to his family and sitting on the porch watching the sun go down with a minimum of problems.

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