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Ringing of the Bards – Another Week of Poetry January 31, 2007

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Be sure to visit the 25th Ringing of the Bards hosted by Billy the Blogging Poet, a weekly gathering of poets from all over the world/web.

I’ll be hosting next week’s Ringing. I’ve chosen a theme of Magical, Mystical, or Mad. It is not necessary to follow the theme, but if you need inspiration, there you are. All poets are welcome to send in submissions to me by 2:00 EST Sat. Send them to jojanoski (at) gmail (dot) com.

Let’s have some fun with this. Poems can be deep, funny, mysterious, whatever. I’d like a collection of all kinds, preferably fulfilling the theme.

DEADLINE EXTENDED. Submissions welcome until Sunday at 1:00 p.m. EST.


Pitchfork Intruder?

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Pitchfork intruder arrested at Prince Charles’s home

The question is why?


Children, a Pi Poem January 30, 2007

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A Pi poem - Word scheme like Pi with the following number of words per line:


Rollicking laughter pervades
I heed the call
entirely in their noisy direction.

Their giggles trickle a path direct to my heart
in symphony
with happier times remembered deep inside
my weary throbbing soul space

relinquishing my adulthood
for a refreshing youthful sip
sliding down my throat in unstoppable wild giggles
from clear glistening waters dripping in sun-drenched smiles

like trickling songs cleansing my jaded soul
long weighed down by lofty schemes disguised as dreams,
not worth remembering.

Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


The Storyteller – Another New Chapter January 27, 2007

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I’ve posted a new chapter to my online novel, The Storyteller. Click here and read this exciting ghost story as it is being written, chapter by chapter.


Rainy Day Blues January 23, 2007

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I know–it’s snowing, not raining. This is just a poem for a workshop–a made-up form–too complicated to go into.

Rainy Day Blues

Raindrops trickle paths down my window pane
dripping, streaming, reminding me of tears
blurring my world, enclosing me in pain,
always coming back, constant through my years.

Sunshine is a dream ended long ago.
Raindrops trickle paths down my window pane
drumming beats to a song I used to know.
Chorus moans at happiness on the wane.

Sweet remembrances deadened in my brain,
my window fogs, muting colors of life.
Raindrops trickle paths down my window pane
closing me in, suffocating in strife.

Only inner warmth can dispel the gloom
in soft breaths blown against the glassy pane
in clean circles to see beyond this room.
Raindrops trickle paths down my window pane.

Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


Pee and Poo Dolls January 20, 2007

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It’s hard to be grossed out when they are so darned cute.

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Pee and Poo Dolls


Braised Balsamic Chicken

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Great recipe!

Braised Balsamic Chicken