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20th Ringing of the Bards–They’re Alive! November 5, 2006

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Welcome to the 20th Ringing of the Bards, a small but lively edition!

They’re Alive!

These poets are a hopping
Tromping, stomping far and near
I barely can contain ’em
But don’t worry! Do not fear!

Okay, wine tasting robots
can rattle a person some.
And flaming pipes can shake ya,
burn you on the butt for fun.

And okay, worms and robins
heading south fast on the breeze.
Their flapping is worrisome,
but I wouldn’t let it tease.

And, of course, those pumpkins,
in the graveyard, they’re alive.
Heading off for new journeys
looking for new ways to jive.

That Green Dish has hit the road.
Traveling both sky and seas.
Just like these Bardy poets
Globe-trotting, hoping to please.

The Lively Ones:
Billy the Blogging Poet
Jo Janoski
Average Poet
Many Thanks to All Who Participated!


4 Responses to “20th Ringing of the Bards–They’re Alive!”

  1. Mad Kane Says:

    What fun! Thanks so much for including me.

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  3. ozymandiaz Says:

    Great job Jo. Sorry I missed out. Had to step out of my head for awhile as the echo was killing me. Nuff about that. You do a lot of poetry workshops hugh? Seems to be effective…

  4. jojanoski Says:

    Yes, I do a lot of workshop assignments. They are helpful to learn new forms and the practice is great. I had never written poetry before when I started with them. Look at me now! Practice! Practice!

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