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BOOM! There goes my brain! November 4, 2006

Filed under: Humor,In The News — jojanoski @ 8:47 pm

Election Haiku
Part 2
Part 1

Help! No more phone calls!
They all call me, one by one.
Begging for my vote.

Crying, pleading, oh!
Senators, Congressmen, too!
Famous and not so.

Make them stop, please, please!
My line is always busy
with politicians.

Yak, yak, Senators!
House members, double yak, yak.
My head might explode!

Family can’t call.
Busy signal makes them run.
BOOM! There goes my brain!

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski
(While suffering from election fatigue)


2 Responses to “BOOM! There goes my brain!”

  1. I get emails from poiticans at least 10 times a day.

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