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Election Haiku (The story, short version) November 3, 2006

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Election Haiku
(The story, short version)

November seven.
I’m so sick of commercials.
Please come soon! Please come!

Dirty ads galore.
Can there be a good man left?
Apparently not.

Debates, debaters.
Too rehearsed, nothing ex temp.
They’re wasting my time.

Answer the question.
Give it to me straight and real.
Ooops! Am I dreaming?

Election day comes.
Press the buttons, get it done.
Do it already!

Numbers come too close.
Outrage! Take results to court.
Recount, count again.

Buggy-eyed counters.
No chads this time, just ‘puters.
Oh sure! That will work!

Help! Help! Worse this time.
No news but election news.
Twenty-four seven.

Will computers tell?
Who gets to run the country?
Certainly not us.

Will it ever stop?
Election goes on and on.
What next? Supreme Court?

One or the other.
Certainly not us.

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski



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