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Big Ben and Coach Bill, Shave! October 31, 2006

Filed under: In The News,Local Humor — jojanoski @ 8:30 pm

Big Ben and Coach Bill, Shave!

Two and five, they stink.
Where’s our world-class football team?
Has their luck run out?
Perhaps they’re fresh out of steam?
Did they lose their skill?
Maybe forgot to practice?
I do not think so.
We know why their game’s amiss.
It’s those ugly beards!
Goatee-pointy devil chins!
Big Ben and Coach Bill
With devil beards, Satan-grins.
Brings no good luck to a team.
That damned bad devil
Letting loose Hell’s black hot steam.
Shave those beards now, guys!
Before our season is toast.
All burned to a crisp
From your steamy devil host.
Shave! Before it’s too late. Shave!

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski


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