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News Hound – Katie Couric October 4, 2006

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A kyoka is a poem like a limerick that makes fun of politicians or events.
Syllables: 5, 7, 5, 7, 7. Rhyming is not necessary, but you may.

News Hound

TV filled her life.
Katie bore a news hound’s heart.
She craved news for lunch
after breakfasting on smart
trendy Good Morning chit chat.

Finally her dream
to anchor the nightly news
came wrapped in big bucks.
Katie’d paid her chit chat dues.
Red carpet Second-Coming.

Katie dropped her perk.
She scowled, she growled, she pouted.
All to look so grim.
News must be direly touted
and people don’t want no perk.

News requires grit.
No smiles, no effervescence.
It’s about bad stuff.
You’d better not look  pleasant.
But poor Katie’s smile escaped.

White teeth glinted through
with perky disposition.
Katie cracked a smile
with happy composition
looking poorly out of place.

Alas, Kate’s smile cut
like shiny, just bought white shoes.
Blinding glaring teeth.
People screamed, “Turn off the news!”
Poor Kate had no gravitas.

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski


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