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The Ringing of the Bards XIV September 24, 2006

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Welcome to the 14th Ringing of the Bards while we study intently on the nature of things…

Nature is everything. It is us; it is the world around us; it is the world within. So why do we find this simple principle so hard to accept, victims of our egos, such as we are. What is our place?


The Nature of Doubt

Fresh days whisper in with A Hush.
The Morn wrapped in Strains
from the Plant Song Man
Falling on our deaf ears as
All the Fountains Sing
and birds write their own music
while we engage in mere Birdwatching
anxious to know whether
Nature or Nurture
as our state of existence
will be named Conqueror
of our hearts and our minds.
Such needy people are we.
All the while the Plant Man
moves on to his Ode to Spinach,
laughing, bashing lyrics against The Wall
of our profound doubtfulness,
Agnostic Cacophony.
When will we hear the birds sing
and join the chorus?




Many thanks to the outstanding poets who made this, the 14th Ringing of the Bards, a success. The credits are as follows:

Morn breaks compliments of Ozy of Paper Tigers

Strains blend in from Bob Hazleton at Average Poet

The Plant Song Man sings from Pearl of Pearlformance

Falling plummets down from Shirley Allard of Housemouse

All the Fountains Sing splash a melody from Terry of The Shamgar Report

Birdwatching flies in from Keith Tidball of When I Wax

Nature or Nurture blogs in from the incomparable Billy the Blogging Poet

Conqueror storms in from Russell Ragsdale at Yuckelbel’s Canon

Ode to Spinach greens in from Madeleine at Mad Kane

The Wall slams in from Daniel at Talking to Myself

The Hush whispers in from me, Jo Janoski.


9 Responses to “The Ringing of the Bards XIV”

  1. Pearl Says:

    Great roundup. Cool linking poem. The chromosomes on the wall is such a unique shot. What great luck to be at the right place and time.

  2. Mad Kane Says:

    Love the poem. Thanks for including me!

  3. Thanks Jo. You did a wonderful job as host.

  4. barkowitz Says:

    What a great edition of the carnival, Jo!

    And, yes, it was a lucky shot! Nice effect, eh? It is the wall to my office at MIT… The light is refracted windows from the building opposite…

  5. jojanoski Says:

    I should mention the wall photo is Daniel’s, the cardinal sketch is Keith’s, and the fawn is mine.

  6. I tried not to be the last and wettest dog to slunk back home but I guess it didn’t work, huh! Anyway thanks Jo for being a great host!

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  8. Scheherazade Says:

    This was wonderful to explore Jo–in my bare feet even and wriggle my toes among the cool crisp verse.

    thank you

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