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A Hush (What a great way to start the morning!) September 21, 2006

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A hush

Life suspended

Gaze upon sweet music

Heart stops, mind softens, soul embraced

in song


Photo & Poem

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski


2 Responses to “A Hush (What a great way to start the morning!)”

  1. […] Fresh days whisper in with A Hush. The Morn wrapped in Strains from the Plant Song Man Falling on our deaf ears as All the Fountains Sing and birds write their own music while we engage in mere Birdwatching anxious to know whether Nature or Nurture as our state of existence will be named Conqueror of our hearts and our minds. Such needy people are we. Procrastinating. All the while the Plant Man moves on to his Ode to Spinach, laughing, bashing lyrics against The Wall of our profound doubtfulness, Agnostic Cacophony. When will we hear the birds sing and join the chorus? […]

  2. Pearl Says:

    silences make the soul music alright. :)

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