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Sooooo, Mike Boogie Won September 13, 2006

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Well, to tell you the truth, in the end I’m glad Boogie won. I hear you! I already stated the guy ruthlessly uses people and shouldn’t take the big prize, and I still think that is true. What changed my mind was Erika and her replies to questions from the jury. Did I miss something? She claimed to have been such a master manipulator picking and choosing whose heads would roll? Who knew? My point being, no one knew she had that much control because she didn’t. I think the woman may have become delusional in trying to save face.

Tonight the reveal-all film clips were the best part of the program. My favorite was Mike calling Erika a “ho” and making plans with Will (on their awesome “chill phones”) to coerce the showmances to vote off their respective best friends. The expression on Erika’s face on hearing it all made me embarrassed for her. But she kept her chin up and survived, although the air between her and Boogie dangled icicles for the rest of the night. I saw no eye contact between them again.

Janelle was voted by the audience to win the new extra prize of $25,000. Good for her! She played the best game, winning challenges again and again while playing an honest game…errr…until she started hanging around with evil Dr. Will that is. That dear man is such a bad influence on people. ;)

A better BB season has never been. The only part missing–it would have been nice for one last episode of Boogie and Will on the “chill phones” discussing final events.

Bling! Bling!

Hello, Boogie here.

Boogie? Will. I heard you won the million dollars.

Sure did, Will.

And you did it with evil showmancing and emotional sabotage.

Sure did, Will.

Stuff even I wouldn’t do.


You know what’s funny?

What, Will?

We were BB’s best team ever…


And we’ve been friends outside of BB.


You know what?

Nope. What, Will?

I don’t like you anymore. Even I wouldn’t do what you did to Erika.


That’s right. I don’t like you. But I needed you. Well, I’m done using you. And I never want to see you again.



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