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Autumn Speaks About Herself September 13, 2006

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Autumn Speaks About Herself

Colors of me

Once verdant and lively
Touching everywhere all there was.
Time took notice and seized my fluttering green cloak
Blushing it
To oranges and reds that wept
Into rags promptly turning brown
Leaving me ugly.
Rustling cloak angry wind revolution
Howling, bullying, bagpipe screeches, scattering bleak ugly tones
Into crackling Autumn maelstroms, swirling bits of discordant disconnectedness
Trumpeting, turning screaming brown to soaring insanity
In my burst of wind consternation, driven by exhalation
of October breezes.

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski

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One Response to “Autumn Speaks About Herself”

  1. Soulless Says:

    The visuals and the acoustics of the season, made intriguing by the sentiments, ahh yes, from the perspective of autumn. Whew. This has got to be the most memorable autumn poem I’ve read recently in poetry blogs. ^_^ Bless you for this.


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