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9/11 What Are We Left With? Defense or Denial. September 11, 2006

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I wrote this poem September 12, 2001. It isn’t my best work, but it did encapsulate the emotions of the time. In retrospect, I see the cry for revenge in this country has long since cooled. Now we are left with either the continuing call for defense against a dangerous enemy or a cold shoulder denying that entity’s significance. I think we need to remember history.


Black Winds


The dust clears,

But the sky is dark.

The embers cool, presenting

Indefinable pieces of death. ..

Splintered bodies.

Justice or revenge?

My mind is broken,

As is my soul,

Into bits and pieces

Fluttering on the black winds

Of destruction all around me,

Divided by the question.

I dare not ride those winds.

If I let loose and fly,

They will surely overtake me,

Sending me soaring

With inhuman thoughts,

Bloody, barbaric, atrocious,

Making my stomach

Twist and lurch with pain.

I am a woman, and

I must remember

We think softly.

My heart wraps around

Those who grieve.

I show them love

But then my eyes see their pain, and

I look away again to consider revenge.

Until an angel comes to temper me,

To give me a redeeming touch

In the form of a whisper…

Ah now, I am inspired!

I must remember only justice.

I simply must.



Copyright 2001 Jo Ann English Janoski. All Rights Reserved.


2 Responses to “9/11 What Are We Left With? Defense or Denial.”

  1. A wonderful tribute to a black day in history.

  2. jojanoski Says:

    I’ll never forget it.

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