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The Joey Porter Kiss–He’ll Kiss You! Get out! September 8, 2006

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He’ll kiss you! Get out! (The Joey Porter Kiss)

Just for fun–a kyoka –a Japanese fun poem
Syllables per line – 5. 7. 5. 7. 7, rhyming not necessary.

A touchdown can do
strange things to a linebacker.
His heart fills with love
and the first good man he sees
he plants a kiss on his neck.

Not like a vampire
more like a woman in love.
There’s no bloodsucking.
It’s just a kiss, don’t you see,
Just man to man, wild and free.

Men, run like the wind
if a linebacker comes close
and gives you a smile
and nods after a touchdown.
He’ll kiss you! Get out! Get out!

Affection runs wild.
That’s how it was for Joey.
A touchdown starts it.
He spied a man, Coach Cowher
and slop-kissed him on the neck.

A wet juicy kiss
slurpy, burpy, splatter-kiss.
Bill liked it too much.
They say vampires were jealous,
wanting Cowher for their own.

So if a touchdown
is scored by a linebacker
whose name is Joey
don’t praise his interception.
Run away. Run like the wind.

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski

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2 Responses to “The Joey Porter Kiss–He’ll Kiss You! Get out!”

  1. I see you also enjoy this form of poetry.

  2. jojanoski Says:

    LOL. The blogger world is going to regret I learned this one! ;)

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