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Safe Journey, Mayor Bob September 7, 2006

Filed under: In The News,Poetry — jojanoski @ 9:14 am

Sadly we release our mayor

Sad times drape “da Burgh” while a light shines
lovingly, gracefully, divinely
to profess God’s respect for greatness.

A good heart draws the eye of the Lord
beguiling, promising, eternal
as sadly we release our mayor.

He knows we wait on the streets and roads
hearts heavy, souls rattled, eyes tearful
just waving while holding back sorrow.

We send his soul to the clouds to God
tearfully, joyfully, profoundly
while watching him enter the heavens.

He shoots us one of his bright good smiles
glimmering vibrating friendliness
next turning his concerns to beyond.

Don’t look back and have a
safe journey, Mayor Bob!

Copyright 2006 Jo Ann English Janoski


One Response to “Safe Journey, Mayor Bob”

  1. All the thing I have read about him are good things. This rare for a politican.

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