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Oh Crap! Mike Boogie made it September 7, 2006

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Oh Crap! Mike Boogie made it to the final two. I wanted it to be Erika and Janelle. And I see Mike and Erika are on hugging terms once more. Personally, I would find it difficult to make nice with someone who came close to ripping out my heart–but that’s just me. As far as I’m concerned, Mike Boogie played a disingenuous game while squashing human dignity under his dirty old big toe.  Was he going to drop off broken-hearted Erika along the way as roadkill? Just because she found him out in time to save herself doesn’t make the emotional sabotage okay.

The jury who will vote on Tuesday are: Marcellus, Howie, Chicken George, James, Danielle, evil Dr. Will, and Janelle. Hmmm, I’m guessing Boogie Mike  has a good chance. We’ll see.  Drat! I feel disappointed. It has been a kick-ass season, and now the ending has fallen flat because I don’t like the way Boogie has won. I hope all four tires blow when he’s driving that fancy new car home to his mom.


One Response to “Oh Crap! Mike Boogie made it”

  1. […] Well, to tell you the truth, in the end I’m glad Boogie won. I hear you! I already stated the guy likes and uses people and shouldn’t take the big prize, and I still think that is true. What changed my mind was  Erika’s  and her replies to questions from the jury. Did I miss something? She claimed to have been such a master manipulator picking and choosing whose heads would roll? Who knew? My point being, no one knew she had that much control because she didn’t.  I think the woman may have become delusional in trying to save face. […]

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