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Big Brother Mike Boogie–Ooooooh nooooooo! September 6, 2006

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The camera panned Mike Boogie and I knew I’d seen that expression before–the eyes reduced to tiny dots of surprise, the mouth a cute little “oh” circle. Mike Boogie was transformed to Mr. Bill! Ooooooh noooooo! The cost of a TV – $600, electricty for an hour – mere pennies, the look on Boogie’s face- PRICELESS!

Yes, my friends, the girls got talking, compared notes and finally got a clue that they both were being fed the same crappy lines and the same deal in sloppy romance. Revenge is theirs. Dr. Will is already gone, and Mike Boogie’s prospects look slim, very slim, indeed. I predict he will be a bitter opponent to the end, fluctuating between crybaby giving up and drastic attempts to save his own skin. Should be fun to watch. Kudos to Erika for getting a grip on the situation and taking charge. Dr. Will left as the class act he always is–Kudos to him for playing his usual fascinating game in the spirit of hefty competition and proper cunning and fun.

Speaking of class acts, NOT! What happened to Howie? This season he is the bully of the block, making the safe house a living hell. He’s Ralph and Marcellus is Alice and all you can hear in the place is, “to the moon, Alice” and “Shuuuut uuup..” What a ghastly place to have to stay. Now Howie is lashing out at others, too. Why is he acting like he has PMS? He is truly a disappointment and a poor, poor loser.

I’m an avid student of human nature, and this BB season has been a fascinating study. The next couple episodes should be fun as this most remarkable season of Big Brother comes to a close.

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4 Responses to “Big Brother Mike Boogie–Ooooooh nooooooo!”

  1. If I get a chance I am going to look at this.

  2. Mickej Says:

    Could it be Howie has had a bit too much of ‘sour grapes’? Or maybe an excedingly amount of fermented grapes?? I was a bit surprised at Chick George’s original comment to Howie…a bit too antagnostic, and what set Howie off. Howie stands alone in the Jury House (no excuse to be obnoxious). Look around him: every other one in the JH had actually stabbed him in the BBHouse, or so it seemed to him. What kinda surprised me was C.George’s attitude, a 180 from what he showed in BBHouse.

    Oh, and what was with the “Janelle, you are disqualified for not having both hands on the key” deal? Did I blink at a critical time?
    Thursday’s “showtime” to be VERY INTERESTING!

  3. Mickej Says:

    OOOHHH! I loved this: “…transformed to Mr. Bill! Ooooooh noooooo! The cost of a TV – $600, electricty for an hour – mere pennies, the look on Boogie’s face- PRICELESS!”


  4. jojanoski Says:

    George is surprising, but you know, we don’t see everything, and maybe the Howie-eruption-machine got to him, as it has everybody else. The chicken guy may have snapped. I mean, have you noticed when Howie yells at someone, he sticks his face right up there with noses touching. Whew! That’s the worst! He invades your personal space and squashes you. Bully!

    Yep! Jsnelle took her hands off. I saw it. She was wiggling to get more comfortable and they came off for a nanosecond. I’m surprised she didn’t realize it, but she did.

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