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Mike Boogie Must Die! September 4, 2006

Filed under: TV — jojanoski @ 8:08 am

Mike Boogie Must Die! Die! Okay, I know I’ve said before that this is a game and only a game. And I said the girls were wrong to wear their hearts on their sleeves, but Geez! Mike Boogie is ruthless, leading Erika along, professing his love, sleeping with her every night–and it’s all an act. The bad part is she has fallen for him Big Boogie Time. (“Big Boogie” is no reference to his private anatomical parts–how would I know?) But I digress…the scandalous part is he knows it. He knows she is in love with him and that she will be devastated when he stabs her in the back, and still he proceeds with the subterfuge. Die, Mike Boogie, die! Have you noticed his pupils have turned into little dollar signs?

Dr. Will is “showmancing” Janelle, but it is playful, funny, and obvious neither one is taking it seriously. So that’s okay by me. I hope Janelle wins the veto, takes herself off the block and somehow sticks around long enough to kill Mike Boogie. When it comes down to it, she would want herself and Will to be the final two, and so would I!


4 Responses to “Mike Boogie Must Die!”

  1. Mickej Says:

    The problem with this final four was that HOH could not be on the chop-block, thus Boogie was safe within himself, leaving only Will to be placed there. Boogie had already said earlier that this game was HIS chance to win the money; Will having won before…soooo…

  2. jojanoski Says:

    “His” chance, huh? Hmmm, now I want Mike Boogie to die even more!

  3. Carol Says:

    I know this is a little late but I have to comment on this guy. I’m also disgusted how “Boogie” treated Erika. He didn’t have to take it that far, he should have taken some lessons from Dr. Will. I think the saddest part of all this was the season finale show, did you see how he came in the door of the studio and he let it slam shut on poor Erika? What a jerk. I think that Mike “Boogie” thinks he way way to classy for someone like Erika. Those things he said about her and they let her hear them on Tuesday night were awful. I think it was tacky of CBS to show those and it was more tacky of Boogie Butt to say them. I dont care how many restaurants he owns as far as I’m concerned hes a low class citizen and if I knew where to write to him I would and tell him the same thing. He could have at least been polite to Erika and so could the rest of the “Allstars” (?). Sorry but I don’t think too many of them deserve the title of “Allstar”. Thanks for letting me get this out, I had to write to someone. Have a good day, Carol

  4. jojanoski Says:

    Well stated, Carol! Tacky, tacky, CBS!

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