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New Chapter Posted September 2, 2006

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A new Chapter of my on-line novel, The Storyteller, posted. Chapter 6, part 1.

Here’s a snippet:

“He tilted his head to one side, then sauntered over to where I sat, stopping right beside me, standing tall and imposing, one hand resting on the back of my chair. I swear it started me shaking like crazy. I could feel his hand touching my back, just a flutter, like a butterfly or something. I shot a glance around the room, but the one librarian left on duty was gone, and we were alone–this character and I. I couldn’t stop my knees from knocking, but I took a deep breath and turned my head to look up, and the most intelligent, electric, and meaningful eyes looked back. I think my heart stopped in the wake of his gaze, so riveting it was.

The Storyteller

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to “New Chapter Posted”

  1. writerchick Says:

    Hey Jo,
    Sounds like a good story. I like all that magical mystical stuff.

    What kind of comments did you want on your chapters? I used to belong to a writing group and we did more critique type posts. Is that what you are looking for? Or are you just looking for reader reaction?

  2. jojanoski Says:

    WC, just reaction is all. I plan on taking it to a special group later for critique. Just enjoy!

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