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Big Brother – Whoa! August 23, 2006

Filed under: TV — jojanoski @ 8:53 am

Now I’m blown away! As if things couldn’t get crazier, the show has taken another nerve-jarring twist. Imagine my surprise when evil Dr. Will proposed to Boogie that they keep Janelle in the game! What? I thought she was the most hated, feared babe on the planet. The idea here is to keep her around to put the bull’s eye on her for a couple more weeks and off of Chill Town.

Oh my Gawd! It makes sense. I have to admire Will’s scope. He sees the bigger picture. Kudo’s to him for keeping his emotions out of it and remaining steadfastly analytical. Many a player has let his hate or anger be his downfall in this game. He could have so easily succumbed. So, that means James has to go instead. To my surprise, James thinks Boogie and Will will save him. Whew! Boogie and Will are good, very good. LOL.

But in the meanwhile, how about cuddly Chicken George. Now this guy is growing horns and cloven hooves. Who’da thunk he would make dirty deals under the counter–but there he is making simultaneous agreements with both Erika and Janelle. The foolish women trust him without a doubt because he’s, well, cuddly, father-like, and too old to be smart, Chicken George. Suckers!

Whew, boy! I need to sit back and try to remember what integrity is all about. This may take a while. I’ve been brain-washed.


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