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SALUTE TO BIG BEN’S THUMB ;) August 20, 2006

Filed under: Local Humor — jojanoski @ 9:19 pm

Big Ben injured his thumb on August 16, one of many such instances. I wish he wouldn’t do that! That darned thumb is so important, I thought I’d write some poetry about it.  (Maybe I had too much time on my hands today…)

Ben’s Thumb

Just a pudgy digit
on a most important hand.
The one that throws footballs
in Hines Ward’s arms to land.

That pudgy thumb is mighty.
And it is so very strong.
It helps Ben hold the football
to throw it nice and long.

Steeler fan am I, yessir!
And I really must profess
Ben, take care of that thumb
or passing will be a mess.

It won’t fly! It will die!
That ball will hit the dust.
If you hurt your pudgy thumb
the game will be a bust.


So please, dear Ben, take care
of that important thumb.
No smashing, no trashing,
Don’t do nuttin’ dumb.


We need the thumb, we need it.
That digit on game day.
No more scares like last week.
Let’s let that digit play!


Salute to …
Ben’s Thumb


Ben’s Thumb
mighty digit
grasps footballs, makes them fly.
We lift our Iron City’s high.

Ninesquare Ben’s Thumb


Thumb of jazz, smash, great fling of high fly
Skillfully, pointedly fascinates.
Ben looking, Ben thinking, thumb throwing.

Ball flies like bat out of hell for sure
Skywardly, amazing speediness
Next landing, is received, with panache.

What a thumb, what a guy, what a team!
Dominate, subjugate. Captivate!
Thumb magic, Ben digit, go Steelers!






Copyright 2006 JO Janoski



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