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Big Brother Dirty Dealings August 15, 2006

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I’ve got to say with this Season 6, ain’t we got fun? My first instincts were right–Dr. Will and Boogie are playing a great game. And Danielle deserves only the best for her splendid efforts.

Howie is coming off as a perfect “non-person” this time around–he’s there; he’s grabbing the girls and Dr. Will (!!!); he’s talking about boobs–but is he aware of anything else? He clings to Janelle and ignores the real game going on around him. Janelle, in the meanwhile, is starting to look to me like Cruella deVille. What next? Slaughter puppies? So ruthless! I find it amusing when she wins the umpteenth challenge in a row, jumping and squealing in delight, how everyone else stands around in dead silence. How does she do that? I would feel stupid, jumping for joy and being the only one in the room acting happy about it. It would make me feel like the crazy aunt people hide in the attic, but that’s another story! Also, for someone so smart, I’m surprised how Janelle is easily manipulated by Will and Mike, Marcellus, and James. They lie to her constantly, and she is taking too long to realize it.

Speaking of fibbing, Boogie is stringing along Erika, pretending to have a thing for her while maliciously remarking to the camera–“all is not what it seems and will change soon.” Erika is another one who isn’t aware she is being led on.

Thursday will be fireworks–This may be the episode where the Legion of Doom is revealed to Janelle and Howie. I wonder if Howie will notice…

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