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Big Brother–Money, Lies, and Plasma TV…so much for sportsmanship! August 9, 2006

Filed under: TV — jojanoski @ 8:24 am

Yikes! Now I know why they call this season the “All-Stars”–these guys play fearlessly and on occasion, recklessly. First, Danielle took a giant leap of faith by forming the “legion of doom”–what’s with all the names, anyway–“chill town,” “big man,” — I guess when you are stuck in the Big Brother house, there’s plenty of time to think up catchy appellations.

In any event, the “legion of doom” was more like the “legion of dollars” as its members, except Danielle, sold out and traded their loyalty for prizes, thus affording Janelle the opportunity to win the veto. She resisted prizes more than necessary, actually, thanks to the dollar guys since those fellows sacrificed most of their points for money, a trip, and a plasma TV. Points were earned or lost according to each contestant’s ability to resist prizes or inflict agony on the house. Janelle assigned cold water showers and Big Brother slop to her housemates, and it earned her big points. I’ve noticed she always wins when her back is against the wall.

Dr. Will and Mike next proceeded to spread a lie that Marcellus won their prizes in the hopes Danielle would put him up next, thus keeping the bull’s eye on an intact Season Six and off Chill Town for another week. It failed. Kudos to Danielle. She didn’t fall for it.

Last night’s episode made me unsure again whom to root for. Dr. Will and Boogie lied egregiously, devoid of any type of honor or sportsmanship. This is a game, sure–but sheesh! Actually, Danielle impressed me by her determination and sacrifice. She’s in trouble now, though. Janelle won, got off the block Danielle put her on, and she’s out for revenge…


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