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Big Brother-Who to Root for? August 3, 2006

Filed under: TV — jojanoski @ 11:40 pm

Big Brother All Stars has started, and I don’t know who to root for. Many of my faves are back: Kaysar, Howie, James, and Janelle of Big Brother 6; the mad Doctor Will; and Marcellus. The Big Brother 6 alliance has not appealed to me as much as in their own season. Of the four, this time around (crabby) James stands out for me. Howie seems dumber; Kaysar seems insecure–small wonder since a challenge left him with a bald (shaved) head; Janelle is lost and confused.

In the meanwhile, Dr. Will and his good buddy, Mike Boogie are calling all the shots. Evil Dr. Will is putting in a virtuoso performance in the art salesmanship and manipulation. The man can steal people’s wallets and they won’t notice; and when they finally do–they’ll thank him for doing it! In the background, the floaters lurk: Diane, Danielle, Marcellus, Erika, and Chicken George–who by the way got his head shaved also; yet he doesn’t look any different. Go figure.

Ali, Nakomis, and Jase were evicted in that order. Frankly, I was glad to see them go. Some of the contestants I don’t understand how they got there in the first place. They aren’t All Star caliber–like Diane, Nakomis, or Erika. The public voted them in, so, once again, go figure.

I’m leaning toward Will and Boogie for the final two simply because they are playing the game with fun in mind, and I don’t see any real maliciousness in their shenanigans or hate like the others. They have the right attitude–it’s all a game–stay objective and play to win. As the episodes unfold, I may change my mind since this game brings out the unexpected in people. We’ll see.


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