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Big Brother – Can Anyone Stop Them? August 30, 2006

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Can anyone stop the duo of Boogie and Will from coasting to the final two? Do we want them stopped? Probably not. America loves these two. Who could blame us? They’re smart, funny, clever, and most importantly as far as I’m concerned–they treat this like a game, and only a game. It’s all strategy to them, not emotions. And it’s a contest requiring misrepresentation, antics, and magic tricks, which need objectivity and a cool head. It’s a mistake to wear your heart on the outside.

Speaking of which, the contrasting emotions in this game boggle the mind. Earlier, I commented to my better half what a fun group this was–how they truly seemed to enjoy each other now that they’ve been whittled down to a the final few. I was watching them pouncing on each other to squeeze the “nectar” out of bees, Boogie and Will, to fill cups in a challenge to win decent food for the week. The giggling and hysteria were infectious. You wished you could be there to add to the fun, which turned out to be some of the bawdiest antics I’ve seen on TV in a while. Rolling on the floor funny.

Then, last night, the ultimate betrayal when Erika put up Danielle, her best friend in the house. The tears, the drama–what a mess as Danielle stabbed back with anger, putting Erika in tears. Now the house is dark and sullen. To the aside, though, Boogie and Will barely contain their glee at another successful step in their plan. In a room alone, they did a happy dance with lots of high-fiving and yahoo’s.

Erika was duped by Boogie who is employing “showmance” to manipulate her. He convinced her to betray Danielle. On the other side, Will is “showmancing” Janelle, convincing her as well to talk to Erika and make a phony deal which required Erika to put up Danielle to get her out of the way. Each girl is suspicious of her man but agreeing with him, letting her heart lead instead of her brain. I’m expecting one or both of them will be on the block next week…for real…not as pawns. Although Boogie and Will no doubt will convince them as pawns. This has got to be the most fun season ever, although I am sorry about the broken hearts–but this is a game, really, and one of the skills required is to outwit your opponents.


Writer’s Pencil August 29, 2006

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Illustrating the world,
my pencil draws the lines.
Does it know where to go?
Makes me wonder sometimes.

Solid gray, dancing through,
it scrolls across the sheet.
Heady strokes, hefty verve
it knows what lines to meet.

My pencil knows “how to.”
It knows just where to go.
Zooming there with grand loops,
but where I do not know.

I follow its journey.
towed by bold-stepping lines.
Rigid gray monotone
in concert with the times.

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski


A New Chapter Posted, The Storyteller August 27, 2006

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I’ve just posted a new chapter to my online novel, The Storyteller:

Chapter 5, Pt. 2


The I Look Like My Dog Contest August 26, 2006

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This is one contest I wouldn’t want to win. This is my dog. I don’t want to look like her!


Winners of the I Look Like My Dog Contest


Great Pork Tenderloin Recipe

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Pork Tenderloin in Slow Cooker

This one is a winner–an excellent combination of, garlic, soy, soothing but not too strong.

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Little Boy Dreams August 24, 2006

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In honor of Back to School:

Little Boy Dreams
Green, green grasses sway.
Giggling children play.
Summer sun smiles bright
on dear boy’s red kite.

Forever warm days
for his boyish ways.
Now a cowboy, then
back to soldier again.

Little boy big dreams,
dusty baseball teams,
going for the prize.
Boyish enterprise.

Red kites with blue skies,
dreams in little boy eyes.
Riding the carousel
waiting for the school bell.

Copyright 2006 JO Janoski


Aztecs butchered, ate Spanish invaders August 23, 2006

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Oh m’gosh!

Aztecs butchered, ate Spanish invaders

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