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Beliefnet June 28, 2006

Filed under: Miscellaneous — jojanoski @ 4:57 pm

I found a site–Beliefnet, I love. On their pages they offer religious wisdom, inspiration, and tools for living.

Religion: Beliefnet is not affilated with any particular religion; but rather, they offer input in all religions–Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu; plus they provide extras like Bible reading, Angel Wisdom, and prayers from around the world.

Inspiration: Inspiring thoughts and stories fill the pages with fun, food, quotes and tidbits– even a section for Americans in uniform.

Tools for Living:
Offered up are spiritual tools, holistic living, horoscopes, religious jokes, weight loss, and Hints from Heloise, to name a few.

All this, and you can get newsletters a la carte to cover whatever interests you have. I receive the daily general newsletter, and the array of articles is wonderful–topics pulled from the news with comprehensive articles that spell out the content in clear, well-organized form.

Just in the last week I read articles about Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s, depression, what happens during sleep, family vacations, avocados, fitness, and how to handle a nosebleed. As you can see, the articles run the gamut. For me, the appeal is in the variety. I must add, however, the construction is perfect–the right amount of information without bogging you down, concisely written. A welcome letter in your mailbox each day!


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