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Resident Wrens May 10, 2006

Filed under: Essays,My Photos — jojanoski @ 2:47 pm

We have two tiny wrens who take up housekeeping every May in two birdhouses on our front porch, built just for them, I might add.

We first noticed the wrens years ago when my husband found birds nesting in a hanging basket on the porch. He set about to the task of building the birdhouses from scratch, work which he enjoys. But I'm certain he also wanted the birds out of his greenery.

They are bold little creatures. Each time one of us, including the dog, steps out on the porch, he is greeted with a tsunami of squawks and squeals big enough to knock a person off his feet. You can see the tiny scoundrels, beaks wide open, in the rhododendron next to the porch, so we know who is doing all the yelling. ;) The wrens have no fear of us big old lumbering humans.

What I am still trying to figure out is, how can such a tiny bird have such a BIG chirp! Posted by Picasa


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