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THE MAGIC CHOCOLATES Pt. 2 October 29, 2005

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A short story for a workshop…

Part 2 of 2



The receptionist looked up lazily at the sound of the door squeaking, and upon spying Elmer sprang up at attention, trembling. Her eyes reflected pools of admiration, and puzzlement as well, as though she were seeing Elmer for the first time and yet wondering how she had missed so much before.

"Elmer, hon, how are you today?" she asked, fluttering her lashes.

He stopped short, glaring at her. Being a social reject normally, his first impulse was to assume she mocked him. But the obvious expression of love on her face, complete with blushed cheeks and a shy smile, made Elmer think again. Oh my gosh! The spell was working!

"I couldn't be better, my dear!" he replied, heading for the main office with a dance in his step. As he passed the secretarial pool, the women rushed to the glass to press their noses against it and swoon at him like a chorus of bewildered angels. Elmer felt better by the minute. Those magic chocolates were good stuff!

Finally, he arrived at Angie's office, and that girl pounded away at her keyboard before stopping short. She looked up to meet Elmer's eyes. Entranced, her blue ones did the tango with his brown eyes in a passion tryst known only to their hearts. Then, the secretary rose and walked into his waiting arms. Yes, those chocolates were the best ever!

"Oh, no!" The cry echoed up and down the hallways. Elmer and Angie, startled from their embrace gazed out to see all of the women in the company lined up and down the hallways, watching them, tissues in hands, crying in dismay.

"Elmer!" they chanted, down to each lady. "We love you!"

Elmer, upon seeing this felt pretty good about himself. His heart swelled with pride and danced on top of the world. Pushing Angie aside, he walked to the closest female, kissing her on the cheek, moving to the next and whispering in her ear. Grabbing another, he dipped her while smooching the lady on the mouth–it was wonderful. Creeping along the line, he had love for each and every lady. It was a homely man's dream come true!


He turned to see Angie standing next to him, her arms folded across her chest and her eyes blazing. "Elmer, I don't think I like you anymore."


"Look at you! Flirting with every girl in sight. You're disgusting! I thought I saw something special in you. But obviously I was wrong."

"Angie!" Elmer whined.

"You loser!" she replied, slapping him across the cheek. With a humph, she stormed off.

"Yeah, what an idiot!" one girl from the crowd piped in, as she turned and walked away.

"Yeah, heck on you, Romeo!" another one declared as several more women marched away with hard angry steps.

"Angie's right! What a loser!" Soon a raucous mob grew from their ranks and one girl slapped him as she left, then another, and another until finally Elmer ran for the door before they injured him. The receptionist ran behind and locked him out, shaking her fist at the bewildered man.

Despondent Elmer walked to the park and returned to the bench under an oak tree to ponder his plight. He had it all, but then the spell had quit working. He wished he could talk to that elf.

"Hiya, Elmer! Looks like things didn't work out, eh?" It was the elf, suddenly appearing on the bench beside him.

"Yeah, well, smarty! That spell didn't work. They turned on me. They turned on me bad."

"Hey now, sonny! We gave you the power to attract women. Keeping them is another affair entirely. Might I suggest you try a self-help book or something to learn yourself some sensitivity and manners."


"Yeah, laddie! We gave you all we could, but you blew it yourself by being boorish and selfish and such!"

"Oh Gawd!" Elmer replied. "What was I thinking? Poor Angie! I didn't treat her very well, did I?"

"No. You certainly did not."

"Well, I guess I'd better go and learn some manners at that," Elmer stated, rising to go. "See ya, elf!"

"Bye, laddie!" the elf replied. He watched as the forlorn figure walked down the street and into the public library.

When Elmer arrived at the information window, the librarian turned and upon seeing him blushed, as a shy smile danced between her reddened cheeks.

"Well, what can I get for a handsome fellow like you today?"

"A book on manners…and a chance to have dinner and a movie with you."

"Certainly," she said.

From behind the closed stacks, the elf watched, grinning. "He never really needed those magic chocolates," he murmured. "Good luck, laddie! he whispered. "And mind your manners!"

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski


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