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Coffee is the Best Medicine July 29, 2005

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#8 Coffee is the Best Medicine…July 29, 2005

…The Strange Happenings in a Coffee Shop

(You may start reading at any point in the story.

It isn't that complicated!)

"My ties are my friends," Alfred retorted.

"It's true!" Brenda said. "He has names for them all."


"Yes," Alfred said. "This one here is Tucker and this one is…"

"SHUT UP!" I snapped. "Oh! I'm sorry, Alfred. I didn't mean to be short with you." I wiped a bead of sweat from my brow. Who were these people in this crazy coffee shop?

"It's okay. Most folks talk to me that way," he replied.

"Alfred, you don't really want to change your style, do you?"


Okay, so I contemplated, Alfred was happy with his existing "look," such as it was, except he wanted a hair piece. So we'll let him have it. It's no skin off of my nose…er, head, I figured.

"Okay, Alfred! We'll go shopping!" I announced.

"YAY, a bus ride!" Alfred yelled.

"Bus ride?" I asked.

"He loves the bus. We usually go places by bus just to make Alfred happy," Brenda whispered in my ear.

"Oh, okay! Bus ride!" I mimicked Alfred with a little squeal for good effect. Oh my gosh! What was I doing?

"I'm coming, too!" Butch, the big guy at the counter, stated. He lifted his huge lumbering body off the counter stool and ambled over next to me.

Rose, the waitress, was next. "EVERYBODY OUT! I'm closing to go shopping." Her booming voice propelled patrons out the door, against their wills–I think, as she hung up her apron.

"Looks like we're ready to go," Brenda said, smiling at me.

To be Continued

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski


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  1. At least he is happy.

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