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Man Serves Unusual Sentence July 23, 2005

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Man Serves Unusual Sentence….

A man who neglected, treated cruelly, and strangled his dog received an unusual conviction–To wear a sign and stand in the middle of a busy intersection. The sign read:

I Plead Guilty … Animal Cruelty is a Crime … My Dog's Name WAS Salt and Pepper.

He was to stand there all day, but when the Judge stopped by and noted the amount of abuse (Hurrah for dog-lovers!) from passing motorists, she permitted him to quit early.

Some might consider this an easy sentence; some might say a cruel sentence. Personally, I think it was an effective sentence. There is nothing like the power of extreme public ridicule to make a fella think again next time he is tempted. Remember standing in the corner at school, all red-faced and humiliated. Could you ever forget the dunce cap? I don't remember, of course, because I'm a goody-goody. But you remember, don't you? ;-) Darned effective, wasn't it?


3 Responses to “Man Serves Unusual Sentence”

  1. Sounds more like a circus to me.

  2. Mickej Says:

    Never had to stand in the corner, but I got sent to the principle’s office, once :o)
    Yeah, the judge gave a semi-just sentence, but should have added two more hours daily to pick up doggie poop!

  3. I think he should have given him a big fine.

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