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Coffee is the Best Medicine July 20, 2005

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Coffee is the Best Medicine…

The Strange Happenings in a Coffee Shop…

July 21, 2005

Who were these people? I've never known a bunch like this. How could I make them understand the importance of what I saw in the restroom–a note written by someone stating, "I think someone is trying to kill me." I decided to try again.

"Rose, look! There's a note in there that has me troubled. It is something you should know about."

"Are you talking about that note I left there, about someone trying to kill me?" Brenda asked.

I couldn't believe my ears. "You mean you wrote that note!"

"Oh, sure! She wrote it five years ago," Rose stated. "Don't worry about it!" She turned to go back to work as though the issue was finished.

"I put it there five years ago. Actually, at the time I had first met Alfred, and I thought he wanted to do me in. It turned out I got the wrong impression of him. He's just weird, that's all." Brenda explained, shrugging her shoulders.

Boy, she got that right. One look at Alfred with his geeky neck and bow tie confirmed it. Who could understand him? "Okay, but why is the note still in there?" I asked.

"Rose never cleans very well in that restroom," Brenda stated in hushed tones.


"Forget about it!" Brenda continued. "We've got other things to worry about…like Alfred wanting to buy a hair piece." Brenda nodded in that fellow's direction. He returned her gaze with a goofy smile that curved up on each end to practically reach his ears.

Why did I ever come to this coffee shop?

"Okay," Brenda said. " Let's go shopping!"

To be Continued

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski


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  1. I feel something is going to happen.

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