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Summer July 19, 2005

Filed under: Poetry — jojanoski @ 3:43 pm

Let's relax and enjoy two poems I've written about summertime!

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski






Giggling days soar

Flying high in grandeur

Lazy happy days of freedom's







Warm rays

Lazy curtain

Wrapping 'round summertime

Relaxing waves emanating

White light.



Next time, I will post another installment of Coffee.

BTW, you can start reading it at any point in the story.

It isn't that complicated!




3 Responses to “Summer”

  1. Wonderful Poetry! But I always enjoy your works.

  2. Love both of them!
    Hope you have a wonderful, lazy, sunny Sunday.

  3. I like the description here. In spite of the gales and rain outside, I’m dreaming of the sun!

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