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Press One for Nothing May 12, 2005

Filed under: Essays — jojanoski @ 3:08 pm

Today I spent time getting my writing group's book fund in order at the bank. The bank wanted to charge a monthly fee for online bill pay, which we never asked for and didn't want. I first called about it on April 4. I waited a few weeks and when the charges didn't disappear as promised, I called again. Still no luck after that. Several emails later, and a phone call today finally got the job done. It seems so hard to accomplish the little-ish things anymore when dealing with big companies.

It is like they don't want to be bothered with us. ;-) First you have to play push-button games to get past the "press one for this–press two for that" business. Press that button, and you end up with another recording to press more buttons. Help! And so many times a so-called "service representative" will assure me he/she is fixing the problem even as we speak…and guess what? Turns out nothing changed, and I'm back on the phone again. The representative didn't do anything. This is frightening! LOL.


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