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Hello April 21, 2005

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May I start by introducing myself? I am Jo Janoski from Pittsburgh, PA. I work in a family business, taking photographs of the Pittsburgh skyline to sell to galleries and stores. We have sold our photos in the area for almost 30 years now, so if you're from "da Burgh," you've probably seen our work.
I also write by moonlight, meaning after the photography work is done for the day. From morning until evening, I am "glued" to a mat cutter or dry mounting press. But at night I and my computer get together and write. I write poetry, but mostly, I enjoy writing fiction. I have three small books published and another on the way. Pittsburghers will be interested to know the stories take place in Pittsburgh, as seems fit, considering my relationship to this town. My husband, Ron, and I have been married 33 years, no kids, but at the moment we have a fun-loving smooth fox terrier named Peepers. Anyone familiar with this breed will confirm what merry, friendly dogs they are. This blog will be whatever I feel like talking about, be it cultural, political, inspirational, humorous, or hysterical. LOL. Hang on to your seat belts; this could be a bumpy ride.


One Response to “Hello”

  1. Mickej Says:

    Well, darn. I completely forgot to say “Hello” back atcha. What a neat way to keep up with our friends daily-do’s. Yes, I’m gonna enjoy the bloggin’, too…–>

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