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Emeralds of the Morn May 26, 2010

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Emeralds of the Morn

Leaves like emeralds
glitter each day
rushed by God’s benevolence
to quiver in excitement
and glow in the light
of early morning blessings
in His name.

Copyright 2010 JO Janoski


My Other Blogs November 17, 2007

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No one’s home here!

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The Yellow Blouse November 15, 2007

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The Yellow Blouse
Painting by William Merritt Chase

The Yellow Blouse

Sister dear, why stare you so
with eyes of coal?
Blackest black, deadened by woe
bulleting soul.

Tightened smile, eyes shooting pain,
what makes you sad?
Yellow blouse hides well your strain
to appear glad.

Mother made you wear that rag
despite words bold.
Lovely bodice wrapped in bags
of lace and folds.

The painter, he has your heart.
Love sick pain maze.
Your lips tighten, your eyes dart
under his gaze.

Hiding under yellow folds.
Heart beats denied.
Smothered love, truth never told.
Silent, you cried.

Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


This Blog is Moving! May 5, 2007

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This Blog is moving!

This Blog is Moving!

My new location will be at the Musecrafters.

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Home Again May 1, 2007

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A workshop assignment to write a sonnet,
sea water as the topic.


Home Again


Weary, I traveled long and hard to find
Clouds white, blue sky, breezy whispers that kiss
Your bright face scrubbed and filling up my mind
A sensory delight I must not miss.
But more I yearned to kiss the gentle sea
At water’s edge to sink my heels in sand
And let salty waters creep up on me
Between my toes and rising where I stand
White tide splashing against my wasted soul
Washing away my pain in liquid grace
Rinsing off dark pangs colored just like coal
Now I turn to spy your lovely pink face
And all is well around my world of love
Graced by earthly promise and Eyes above.


Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


FBI worried about spies in the city…

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I can’t explain why, exactly. But I think this is fascinating about Pittsburgh. I’m guess I’m still stuck in that old shot and a beer steel mill mentality. How cool is this? Spies in da Burgh!

Call 4 Action: FBI Worried About Spies In City – News Story – WTAE Pittsburgh

The FBI is concerned that some of the technology developed in Pittsburgh could fall into the wrong hands.

The Rand Corporation, one of the world’s top private think tanks , which handles classified information for the government, is located in Oakland.

According to them, that information is something both U.S. enemies and even allies would pay dearly to have.


One Day Blog Silence April 29, 2007

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One Day Blog Silence